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Excerpts from Epic: 21-Jan-97 Re: [Epic] Psychic Phase [w.. by Brett
> I'm very disappointed in myself for not doing the maths right on the costs
> of the bikes! :-(
> I really thought that squat bikes were both better AND cheaper than everyone
> elses. (If you want to buy a second company, then only the squats and eldar
> can, and my gut feeling about the price is correct isn't it?)

Huh? Why could only the Squats and Eldar buy a second company? Oh,
wait... actually, you're pretty close; you can't get a second KoS until
you take all the other clans, however the Nobz Warbikes are 200 pts/5
and whatever other bike in the unit is 100 pts/5, so you *can* just inch
up the unit in bits and pieces for the same cost. *And* get a mucking
huge breakpoint....

Marines could only take one Ravenwing, good thing too IMO. But the IG
can take as many bike squads as they want, your whole *army* could be IG
bike squads. In 1200-1300 points, the Squats and Eldar would get 2
squads (44 Squat bikes, 50 Eldar bikes), and the IG could get four
squads (60 bikes). Oh, with four Commissars. ^_-

> And I still think that they represent value for money far in excess of their
> point cost...

Could be; it probably really depends on terrain, situation etc. whether
you'd rather have Squat or Eldar bikes. For example, against Tyranids,
who probably won't have many, if any, shooty units guarding their
nesting units, I'd rather have Eldar -- they can just hop right over the
front lines. Squat bikes would have to try and blow a hole through, and
that just doesn't work against Genestealers....

> As to the snap fire weapons not being super heavy, I guess that technically
> that would be correct, but we read the description and looked at the model
> and drew the wrong conclusion. (I would agree that it is not stated
> anywhere that the Thunderfire IS super heavy, but since the model is the
> same size as the Goliath and bolted to the ground - well it did seem like a
> reasonable assumption...)

<grin> Well, now you see whatyou get from judging GW minis by their size.

> I still think that one d6+4 barrage points (average 7 or 8) save at -3
> IGNORING cover for 150pts is cheaper AND better than one 9pt barrage save at
> -3 for 200 pts.

I dunno; the difference in chance to hit is a big one, IMO, and the fact
that you can go as low as 5-6 BPs (4+ to hit) really stinks. A battery
of Basilisks gets *two* 6 BP -2 save shots at 150 cm... between the
Basilisk and the Bombard, I like the IG arty better.

A Goliath *is* better than a DoomDay Cannon, though, since the DDC can
only get 9 BPs on a '6', and can get just 4 BPs... I don't want to think
of the number of times I've rolled a '1' at a critical time for that
barrage. (Probably just as often as I've gotten a '6', I know, but you
just remember the bad times.... ^_- )

>The all your eggs in the one basket point is a good one,
> but it also allows you to concentrate defenses at that point.

Hmm, hrm. I tend to spread my Goliaths acroos my backfield, so they can
kinda support each other... I don't think it's too much harder to
protect one unit as it is one battery of three. And one area where the
battery can come in handy is behind a hill; you just stick one unit off
to the side a bit, so it can see around the side of the hill for direct
fire shots, while the other two units are hidden. Then you get direct
fire with only one model exposed... this just isn't a good idea with a

>(I would
> prefer to have an IG Co too, but for me it is because I enjoy the challenge
> of winning with an inferior army. :-)

Hey, don't knock the IG. They can do a d*mn fine job simply by weight
of numbers....

> Of course you are right about the squat infantry, I didn't mention it
> because it ISN'T cheesy. But I guess I could ask, how much infantry does
> your average squat warlord field? (Not too much in my experience...)

At least one company, personally. Often two. Of course, the first is
usually (but not always) the Iron Breaker Legion; I just really like the
idea of the Leviathan being "one of the boys" with respect to the break
point.... ^_^ And my opponents don't usually complain, because, hey,
two squads of Berserkers... oh, no.

                    Aaron Teske
                    Squat Leader, Den'Len Fetch
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