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Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 10:15:45 -0600

At 13:32 01/19/1997 +0000, you wrote:
>Overlord Airships Companies.

Take all the potshots you can. That infantry stand with 0 save mod can
still kill an overlord that makes a crappy roll.

>Guild Biker Forces.
>The best bikes in the game (+4 CAF) and almost the cheapest. (Only IG get
>cheaper bikes and then only just cheaper.) And if these stumpy bikes ever
>break (not likely!) they don't vanish like IG bikes!

Um, OK. You got me here.

>LAND TRAINS:- Try a land train with a single battle car (Rad Bomb). For 350
>points you get thue usual 1+ all round save, a misserable 3 void shields,
>you actually need to place orders! and only 4d6 hit on a 4+ save at -2, the
>usual huge barrage weapon, 8d6 of bolters and the rad bomb... One shot,
>unlimited range, 8 barrage points ignoring cover save at -1, **12cm**
>diameter template!!

Nasty. Also expensive. One suggestion that may or may not help you:
Doomweavers will cause the cars to separate from the train. Voila! No
shields, limited movement, mediocre saves (aren't the cars 2+).

>CYCLOPS:- Just your average SHV - 5 void shields, 1+ all round save, a close
>range weapon pack with one notable exception - the 100cm hit on a 2+ save at
>-6 blows through void shields does +6 damage on titans CHEDDITE PROJECTOR!!!

limited use weapon. Hide your titans until you DO win initiative (yes, it's
Poorly armed for the points you spend.
>Super heavy artillery that can still fire when close assaulted! (You can't
>pin a SHV with smaller than a SHV, and unpinned SHV's can target anything
>they want...) And of course the squat artillery is cheaper and better than
>anyone elses artillery... (Longer range, better save mod, ignores cover -
>thank God they only save on a 5+.)

T-hawks. YOUR artillery (an IG arty co will match up to the squats, and
since goliaths can't move if they fire doomweavers work wonders)

>Snap fire weapons.
>Again super heavy! CAN target ground units. (NOT the best snap fire weapon
>in the game - but close!)

Limited use again. Only truly effective if you depend on fliers or if they
are fielded in massive numbers. Either way there is a cheese factor in
force selection.

>Faster than other skimmers, 360 degree fire arc (better than other
>skimmers,but cheese IS round isn't it?), the usual (for squats) outrageous
>break point...

lousy saves. I've never seen a company NOT break in a battle unless they
were held in major reserve.

>Other units:
>Other units that cost the same as anyone elses units and have better break
>points thus giving up VP harder than other armies... (eg. Squat tarantulas
>have a break point of 4 out of 5 instaed of the usual 3 out of 5.)

They also give more VPs when they do break. You just have to concentrate on
fewer units. This does make you make harder tactical choices, but c'est la vie.

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