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Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 12:23:06 -0500

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> At 13:55 01/19/1997 -0800, you wrote:
> >Be it the eldar doomweaver. Which as an eldar player I find next to use
> >less.
> What are you kidding? I love my doomweavers. They reach out and touch
> someone. Idirect fire is not a problem because they drift anyway. Anything
> psychic locked, stunned (by eldritch storm or wave serpents, etc.)

        Anything 'stunned' by wave serpents isn't considered
immobile for the purposes of doom weavers, as per the (unofficial)
Q&A from Andy & Jervis. Presumably this would cover eldritch
storms as well although I can't remember if the Q actually mentions
them or not. Wave Serpents can be disgusting enough as it is, I
don't see any need to make them more powerful.

> or
> otherwise immobile is dead. Demons can't use cards to save against them (I
> can't remeber if that was a published Q&A or if it was one that our group
> wrote in about).

        Must be a house rule.

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