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>Hrm, apparently you've missed the Primarch's Q&A. Stunned models *can*
>still move out of the way of DW webs; the stunning does not count as
>total immobility.

Like I said, I've been out of the loop for 2 years . . .

>>Demons can't use cards to save against them (I
>> can't remeber if that was a published Q&A or if it was one that our group
>> wrote in about).
>That's wrong. Tyranids just take a few wounds from webs and get shunted
>to the side to regenerate, and Daemons can't use cards? No.

If this was sent in, then we've had GW send us obviously wrong information
before, but I'm pretty sure it was in an old WD (during 1st ed. timeframe).
I'll look it up. Anyway, I won't argue with changing it.

>>I think you just arent' using them correctly.
>It also depends on your luck with the artillery dice, and your
>opponent's troops, I'd say. <shrug>

I still think they are worth the points. 2 detachments can significantly
slow an opponent down by forcing him to detour, lose chain of command, lose
first fire, etc.

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