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From: The Unknown Dwarf <leffewbe_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 13:20:50 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Brett Hollindale wrote:

> an Overlord Company into a game smaller than say 5000 pts :-) It would be
> true that I haven't been swayed by The Unknown Dwarf's ranting, but he
> hasn't actually said very much either...

Please, if you want to insult me, do it to my face (ie e-mail me, we don't
need to be insulting each other on the list) instead of as a side note to

> elses. (If you want to buy a second company, then only the squats and eldar
> can, and my gut feeling about the price is correct isn't it?)

Why can only squats and eldar buy 2 companies?

> And I still think that they represent value for money far in excess of their
> point cost...

Whoa, now you lost me, but what does money have to do with it? Everyone
had to buy multiple boxes of plastic to get a company of anything (except
land raiders).

> anywhere that the Thunderfire IS super heavy, but since the model is the
> same size as the Goliath and bolted to the ground - well it did seem like a
> reasonable assumption...)

I can see that, but what makes less sence is that the goliath can move if
need be, it can't fire if it does, but it can move... you'd think that
thing should be anchored in the ground more than the thunderfire... we
always played it as the thunderfire for that reason...

> I still think that one d6+4 barrage points (average 7 or 8) save at -3
> IGNORING cover for 150pts is cheaper AND better than one 9pt barrage save at
> -3 for 200 pts. The all your eggs in the one basket point is a good one,

Sure it's cheaper, but i fail to see how it's better the IG one will hit
on a 2+ with a -3 save or you can split them up right? With the goliath
you can't and most people speread stuff out as best they can so it's often
not worth taking for one big shot.

> Of course you are right about the squat infantry, I didn't mention it
> because it ISN'T cheesy. But I guess I could ask, how much infantry does
> your average squat warlord field? (Not too much in my experience...)

No because regardless of the ability to re-roll ones, squats troops aren't
really good in HtH and ince you have to take a company of non mobile
troops of each of the tree types, i think most people just buy them and
rhinos in support cards because most people only want the thunderers. I
don't really think the others are worth it... at least they never were
when i used them.

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