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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 17:40:57 -0800

Brett Hollindale wrote:

> Psychic locked, sure they can't move and are dead when doomweavered.
> "Pinned" by Waveserpents or eldritch storms I believe that you can still
> wriggle around enough to avoid the wire (at least that's how we play it).

Brett is correct. The following is from the Epic Q&A section I ORDERS
PHASE, subheading Wavw Serpents:

   "Q:When a model is struck with a wave serpent's wave, the rules state
that it may do nothing for the rest of the turn. However, the rules
do not use the explicit words "it is immobilized." Once a model has
been hit by a wave serpent wave, may it do the following
    1)Dodge Doomweaver webs, etc. where applicable.
    2)Roll dice when in close combat.
    A: Yes to both questions."

The Allen's Q&A page can be found at

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