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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 08:41:57 -0600

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>I agree that the chaos marine legion champ is a command unit. After all,
>he is leading space marines, isn't he? The thing that really bugs me
>is that it is nearly impossible to protect the chaos champions. Both
>trolls and beastmen are much less effective without them, hence they
>usually get shot first. You can try and hide them, but this seriously
>restricts movement depending on the terrain.

If you play him as a command unit, just put him in back. If you only play
him as a commander with the marines, I still suggest you put him in back and
require your opponent fire at closer models first, which will force him to
"walk" his fire to the champion. This at least reduces targeting the
commander to occasional pot shots. BTW, what benefit does he give the
beastmen? I don't recall . . .

In any case, I maintain that nowhere in the rules does it even hint that he
is a command unit. The sole basis for this asusmption seems to be the
layout on the company cards.

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