Doomweavers (was Re: [Epic] cheese)

From: Michael the Liu <mikethel_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 17:21:36 -0800

>> Also someones post before seemed to imply that warhounds got auto-diced
>>by the DW's web. I could have misread the post but I think this was meant to
>>happen because the warhound had no 1+ save. If this is the case you might
>>want to check the DW's rules - I think titans AND units with a 1+ are

Just to clarify the point:
"Some very heavily armoured vehicles such as Titans and superheavy battle
tanks can withstand damage from the wire-thread cloud. _TO REPRESENT THIS_
[emphasis mine] any target with a saving throw of 1+ automatically avoids
destruction and is moved to the closest edge of the template. Of course if
the target is immobilised for whatever reason it won't be able to move and
is therefore destroyed."

So Titans that don't have 1+ saves or are immobilized can be diced.

>Anything with a save of 1+ is safe from Doomweaver webs so if a Titan with a
>1+ save on the foot was pushed into the template I'd say it is safe, if it
>has a 2+ save or worse, well....... better left unsaid.

"Until they [doomweave] are removed the templates form a complete barrier to
movement - no troops can move across them, not even Titans or Super Heavy
Battle Tanks. Should a model be forced to move into a Doomweaver template
for whatever reason then it is destroyed."

So the strategy with wave serpents pushing titans into doomweave is valid,
and voila, you've got TitanMcnuggets.

Additional points:
-The warhound cannot be destroyed by doomweaves unless immobilized or pushed
since I do believe that it has a 1+ save on its side hit location table for
the center weapon location (though of course I could be wrong :P).
-However, the mekboy gargant is fairgame, as it does not have a 1+ anywhere
on its construction template (though I don't see these guys around often
enough to try it)
-However, Tyranid biotitans are even fairer game, considering what a royal
pain in the arse it is to get rid of them normally, so they have it coming
to them. Looks like their strange hit location chart format finally caught
up with them! (not even the Hierophant has a 1+ save anywhere!) (happy
happy joy joy!)
-However, the Imperator with its engines turned off would be the funniest
thing in the world to see get doomweaved, as it would not be able to move!
(though I'm not cruel enough to ever do something _this_ cheesy to any of my
opponents, just the thought of their anguished screams brings a smile to my
face. Call me a sadist or something ;P)
-Finally, let it be known that I in no way shape or form intend to restart
the arguments about Doomweaving Titans with shields, so I will state clearly
right now that these strategies _may_ or may _not_ be effective against
Titans with operational void/power shields.

Michael who may have just stirred up a bee's nest and is a Liu
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