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From: Cameron Bentsen <stu7i95_at_...>
Date: 23 Jan 1997 09:57 EST

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> > From: duckrvr_at_...
> >
> > >I've never seen anywhere in the rules where it says you can split up your
> > >barrage templates from a battery of artillery; in fact it says under the
> > >rules for barrages that they are supposed to add together in one template.
> > >If you can point out a specific rule that says you can split them up, fine,
> > >but otherwise I think you're going against the rules here. (Unless you make
> > >up a house rule...)
> >
> > It's a special rule for the manticores. I can't quote the source, though.
> > Guys?
> The source would be Titan Legions, I believe. Manticores
> are exempted from the usual artillery-batteries-must-combine rule.
> Scott
> shupes_at_...

Just to make my point clear, I was referring to the normal artillery rules,
not the Manticore rules, which are an exception to the normal way artillery
is handled. Normal artillery fire cannot be split up the way Manticore fire
can be.

Incidentally, Manticores are not the only unit that can split up their fire.
For instance, Imperial fliers also split up their rocket fire, and their
templates don't even have to be touching each other (if I recall rightly.)

Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa
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