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>>>-the strange idea of harsh environments=make super humans (Fremen,
>>>Sardaukar, Katachan Jungle Warriors)
>>This is not a strange idea, but a time proven fact. The mongols led a harsh
>>life and grew to rule the largest land empire ever. The Buffalo Soldiers
>>were former slaves and were the only US Cav unit the indians feared. The
>>Nordic peoples from the Viking period until the 18th (?) century had a
>>tremendous military record. Hardship breeds self-discipline, which is more
>>important for military success than any other single factor. Additionally,
>>physical hardship breeds physically tough individuals who are used to
>>deprivation. The combination is a vicious one.
>Here in Australia, we have a reputation of breeding great soldiers, and it
>used to be claimed it was the harsh life on the land that did this. However,
>when the researchers finally bothered to check the facts of the situation,
>most of the soldiers of the first and second world war came from the city.
>I'm not debating the truth of the harshness breeding good soldiers, but it
>isn't always the case. Sometimes the best seems to come from the breeding
>and the desire to win.
>Heck if harsh conditions were the only cause of great warriors, then eskimos
>should have been the nastiest of warriors. And people from the bronx would
>be great warriors, well they might be...I've never been there.

Come to think of it, I do recall reading somewhere that although the Spartan
(of Ancient Greece fame and as a militaristic society as could be) were
considered inferior to the "democratic" city-state of Athens. As to why it
is so, I do not know. Anybody care to comment ?


>> Incidentally, many of the items you listed are simply stock sci-fi
>>>PS: Whoever said that all the Dune books after the first one sucked: What
>>>are you thinking!? I loved that series! (Though I suppose we really
>>>shouldn't debate the merits of it over the list ;P)
>>Personally, I do think the quality began to decline. But I would still put
>>_Dune_ up there with the greatest novels of all time, both from a sci-fi and
>>from a literary perspective.
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