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>At 17:28 01/22/1997 -0800, you wrote:
>>-the strange idea of harsh environments=make super humans (Fremen,
>>Sardaukar, Katachan Jungle Warriors)
>This is not a strange idea, but a time proven fact. The mongols led a harsh
>life and grew to rule the largest land empire ever. The Buffalo Soldiers
>were former slaves and were the only US Cav unit the indians feared. The
>Nordic peoples from the Viking period until the 18th (?) century had a
>tremendous military record. Hardship breeds self-discipline, which is more
>important for military success than any other single factor. Additionally,
>physical hardship breeds physically tough individuals who are used to
>deprivation. The combination is a vicious one.

Here in Australia, we have a reputation of breeding great soldiers, and it
used to be claimed it was the harsh life on the land that did this. However,
when the researchers finally bothered to check the facts of the situation,
most of the soldiers of the first and second world war came from the city.
I'm not debating the truth of the harshness breeding good soldiers, but it
isn't always the case. Sometimes the best seems to come from the breeding
and the desire to win.

Heck if harsh conditions were the only cause of great warriors, then eskimos
should have been the nastiest of warriors. And people from the bronx would
be great warriors, well they might be...I've never been there.

> Incidentally, many of the items you listed are simply stock sci-fi
>>PS: Whoever said that all the Dune books after the first one sucked: What
>>are you thinking!? I loved that series! (Though I suppose we really
>>shouldn't debate the merits of it over the list ;P)
>Personally, I do think the quality began to decline. But I would still put
>_Dune_ up there with the greatest novels of all time, both from a sci-fi and
>from a literary perspective.
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