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From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 22:42:56 -0800

>Just out of curiosity, does Magnus the Red now fire in psychic phase?
>The reason I ask is because his Beam of Power is (almost) identical to
>the Silver Towers. If his attack timing hasn't changed, it would seem
>reasonable that the Silver Towers haven't changed either. And, to
>whoever it was who commented that Towers die, I agree. I've played a
>couple of times against Chaos, and each time one of those Towers got
>smoked, which is enough to break the unit. They really are rather
>fragile units (though they do pack a nice bit of firepower, as I
>Seth Ben-Ezra
>Great Wolf

Yeah, the Silver Towers can be good, but are very easy to break.
This would be easier to deal with if they weren't so overpriced.
Essentially, you have to forget their shield thing, as any player
worth his salt will just shoot at the towers themselves. This is
one reason why I was curious as to whether or not the Beam of Power
fired in the psychic phase. At least then they would have a chance
to defend themselves. The other reason being that these things would
need to be clarified for the Net EPIC.

>On 22 Jan 97 at 14:59, Tony Christney wrote:
>> >I think that in the text from the White Dwarf it actually says that Silver
>> >Towers fire all it's weapons in the first fire phase dispite the psychic
>> >nature of the attacks.
>> >
>> >I don't have the rules here but that's the way I always played them.
>> The rules for the silver tower predate TL's psychic phase, as do most
>> psychic units. This should have been clarified in TL, but it wasn't.
>> I believe we even asked for a list of what fires in the psychic phase, but
>> Andy wrote back saying that any list he makes will probably be incomplete,
>> so he won't do it, whatever that means.
>> >-Jake
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>> >On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Brett Hollindale wrote:
>> >
>> >> At 03:39 AM 22/1/97 -0800, you wrote:
>> >> >In the description of the Silver Tower, it mentions that the
>> >> >Beam of Power attack is created by the scorcerers in the Tower.
>> >> >My question is whether or not this qualifies it as a psychic
>> >> >attack, and hence the ability to fire in the psychic phase.
>> >> >
>> >> >Tony Christney
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>> >>
>> >> Yes, and it fires its other weapons in FF.
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>> >> Agro
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