Re: [Epic] Problems with the old system

From: Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 01:30:36 -0800

We have two house rules related to the skimmer topic.

1) Skimmers can only popup as high as their advance move. This means a
skimmer does not automatically have line of sight on everything on the
board. We check line of sight by means of a string or pen laserlight
from the greatest height. If the target is still hidden by intervening
terrain, no shot.

2) We give a -1 hit modifier to vehicles or stands that meet both of the
following conditions:

a)The targeted stand or vehicle is positioned against the side of a
building, and

b)The building provides cover for 50% or more of the facing of the
targeted stand or
vehicle. In other words, if you can only see half (or less) of the
target, it gets the partial coverage modifier. If it looks close, we
give it the modifier. Scale is after all, loosely applied to Epic
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