Re: [Epic] Harsh conditions = tough warriors

From: Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 08:20:07 GMT

At 04:07 PM 24/1/97 +1000, you wrote:
>>I'll let the Colonel tell you about Cane Toads...
>Ahhhh... not the toads. Anything but the toads. Actually they couldbring
>about better warriors from here in sunny Queensland. They are the most ugly
>and repulsive creatures ever created. They stink, they spit poison and they
>make a horrible noise when you step on them in the dark. They are the bane
>of Queensland.
>>From an early age children here have created various nasty and cruel ways of
>culling their numbers. They are a pest, they are imported and are killing
>off the native fauna. Me I just get to 'em with a hockey stick. Horrible
>little buggers. Everything they get they deserve.
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Does this post indicate that you are from Qld? If so, What part?

Agro (from Brisbane)
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