Re: [Epic] Tyranids, was Nukes in Epic universe

From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 12:59:28 -0800

>On 25 Jan 97 at 2:25, Dan Lobb wrote:
>> Lorenzo Canapicchi wrote:
>> > >have your archetypical alien bug race, complete with hive mind.
>> > >(Tyranids, anyone?) Besides, it's a cool book. (It even includes the
>> > >use of infantry-carried mini-nukes!)
>> >
>> > Yes! ... and I think that someone at GW also read Heinlein ... and steals
>> > ideas >:]
>> >
>> Actually, I think the Epic Tyranids remind me more of the Brood from
>> Marvel Comic's X-Men series. The figures even look like the comic
>> drawings. Of course, the writers of that magazine may have read
>> Heinlein...
>> danlobb_at_...
>Actually, IMHO, Tyranids come to us courtesy of the movies Alien and Aliens (I
>have surgically removed the part of my brain that has memories of that
>third film). Look at 40K scale Hormagaunts and tell me that GW didn't
>skirt the fringes of copyright law on that mini!
>Seth Ben-Ezra
>Great Wolf

Yeah, there is no doubt in my mind that the Tyranid miniatures are heavily
influenced by the Alien series. Another alien race that follows the idea
of the hive mind is the Invid from Robotech.

One thing that really bugs me about GW is haw they try to pass off every
idea they get as being 100% original. They never seem to give credit where
credit is due. And then they ask far too much money for incomplete rules
that are outdated within a max of four years.

BTW, does anyone know how they are planning on basing up bikes for the
new game?

Tony Christney
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