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From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 12:59:22 -0800

>Hello fellow Epic players.
>On the Epic page I am beginning, I would like to give some tips & tricks to
>players.Could you answer to the following questions ?The interesting (or
>funny) answers will be put on the page (if you agree, of course).
>1- What are (according to you) the three things to remember during an Epic
>game ?

Count your cards, then your orders counters. If they don't match, best
figure out why!

Always have a plan before deployment. Never try to make plans as you go,
they usually end up as mistakes.


>2- Do you prefer to play 3000 point, 6000 point, or 12000 point games (and
>why ?)

5-6000, because it is playable in a day, it will fit on a 4X8 table,
and you get a good selection of unit types. I find the smaller games
go to the fastest army, while the larger ones to the most numerous.
The midpoint is between 4000 and 8000 points. We tried a 10000 point
game once, but it was just too unwieldly. Big games need a lot more
organization, so should be saved for special occasions.

>3- Does 'cheese' exist ?

Cheese is in the eye of the beholder. No really, I think that cheese
is any army that requires a very specialized opposing force to beat.
I would not call any one unit cheesy, but an overabundance of units
that are supposed to be rare may indicate that you are facing a
"cheesy" power gamer.

One thing that I would say is not cheesy is a single powerful,
expensive model. To see what I mean consider an IG tactical co.
Inherently uncheesy. However, this has a total of 34 attack dice, and
takes a serious beating before giving up any VPs. However, even at
a -1 save, 12 hits will likely take out the best SHV, which will
give up a comparable amount of VPs. Throw in a couple -2 or -3
saves in there, and it mostly becomes a matter of stripping void

Who would consider the following 6000 point force cheesy:
8 IG tactical cos. (256 stands of infantry!)
2 IG artillery cos.
Short of morale check causing units, this force would be very tough to
beat. Even an all titan force would probably eventually go down in CC.

The way I see it, the onus is on the player to objectively critique
his own army. The first step would be, "how would I feel if someone
showed up with my army?" The second step would be, "is my army
consistent with the rules background?" If still in doubt, trade
armies sometime, and see how it feels to be on the receiving end.

>Every tip that will appear on the page will be credited to his 'creator' of
>Marc Feuerstein
>La plupart des hommes n'ont que ce qu'ils m ritent...les autres sont
>c libataires.

Tony Christney
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