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Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 14:34:46 -0600

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>You play Eldar, don't you? Think about how useful the Avatar is. Now think
>about how useful Beastmen with no Champion to lead them are. Sure, sometimes
>the closest thing is a decent target, but what if the closest thing is one
>lone jetbike 25 cm behind you, drawing your beastmen away from the main battle
>where they might do you some good? Or (worse but less likely) a Bio-titan armed
>with ripper tentacles? I'd rather not watch my beastmen commit mass suicide,
>thanks all the same.

Eldar and Chaos. Contrary to what everyone seems to think the Avatar is far
from useless. Although I probably wouldn't pay much for him, it's all in
the placement. My Avater has killed a number of enemy models, averaging 1
or 2 per game. He's captured a number of objectives; usually 1 per 3 games
with supporting units, but sometimes all by his lonesome. So, if your
beastman champion always dies, then place your beastmen so charging blindly
forward is desirable (or take minotaurs - my personal suggestion). I know a
number of Ork players (including me when I had an Ork army) who throw their
Goff Nobz in battlewagons and charge across the board while they leave the
boyz mob on autopilot. You may screw up a few times, but it IS a workable

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