Re: [Epic] URGENT Last Chance for Cheap Boxes

From: Alan Brain <aebrain_at_...>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 17:55:43 -0800

I have already purchased 10 boxes of Chaos, 8 boxes of Orc Invasion (or
at least, the one with the bikes, gretchin, Nobs etc in), and 4 of
Squats (to give as presents or sell)

Available for the next 12 YES TWELVE hours are:
No Imperial Guard (bummer)
No SM landspeeders, assault troops etc (bummer again)
No Eldar Exarchs, Bikes etc etc

BUT... all the rest, Squats, Chaos, Landraiders, Knights, all for $5
Australian a pop. That's less than $4 US.

So contact me with the number and quantity you want. I'll buy them, and
will arrange postage etc later. They should come out as about $8 US a
box with postage, or $7.50 Australian within Australia.

OH YES....

Megagargants are selling at $5.
Imperator Titans at $10.

I'm thinking of buying some, just to wreck and use as terrain features.

BUT NEXT 12 HOURS ONLY - Reply by 0800 AEST Monday ( that's 2200 GMT
Sunday) or miss out.
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