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>> I've come to realize that I'm probably never going to get back into Epic.
>> I don't have nor have I learned any of the new rules past the original
>> Adeptus Titanicus and Space MArine sets, so it's time to unload a great
>> deal of my Epic miniatures.
>> I'd like to sell the entire bundle together. I'm not out to make a
>> killing, but I don't think I can let this stuff go for less than $50,
>> especially considering the prices that GW now charges for individual
>> Titans.
>> I'll take bids on the entire collection until January 31st. If someone
>> comes through with an offer I can't refuse, I reserve the right to
>> summarily end the bidding. Email your bids to me at jmisch1_at_...
>> Here's what I have:
>> 320 marines -- unpainted, on their original sprues. I also have their
>> bases, but since GW is changing the bases around, you may want to mount
>> the models on the new bases.
>> 12 plastic Rhinos -- unpainted on their original sprues
>> 20 plastic Rhinos -- just undercoated with white spray paint
>> 16 plastic Landraiders -- just undercoasted with white spray paint
>> 12 stands of unpainted marines
>> 11 mole mortars and 7 Thudd guns -- these are painted, and mounted on 20mm
>> slotta bases. All the paint job is is black undercoat, the crewman painted
>> orange and the weapon drybrushed. The base is green. No varnish of any
>> kind, so they are easily changed to your own color scheme or whatever.
>> These models are lead.
>> 20 lead painted dreadnoughts -- These are the old type of
>> dreadnoughts...painted orange on green 20mm slotta bases. No varnish.
>> 5 plastic unpainted robots
>> 3 unassemled plastic Warlord Titans on their orginal sprues
>> 3 assembled plastic Warlord Titans -- undercoated with black spray paint
>> (none of these Titans have any of the weapons mounted...I will send you 4
>> plastic weapons of your choice for each Titan and two banner poles for
>> each)
>> 2 lead Warhound scout titans -- 1 has twin autocannons and a plasma gun; 1
>> has twin autocannons and a plastic chainfist... but I still have the lead
>> plasma gun that came with the model if you want it. Both Warhounds are
>> assembled, but unpainted.
>> 15 cardboard/plastic buildings -- from the original Space Marine box. For
>> those of you unfamilar with these, they are finely illustrated cardboard
>> cityscape buildings with plastic roofs. They are not all identical --
>> there are several different types of buildings and differing heights as
>> well. Ask somebody who's seen/owns that set -- these buildings make a
>> great cityscape for an Epic game.

I figure that someone out there on the list might be interested by this.
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