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From: Michael the Liu <mikethel_at_...>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 02:43:36 -0800

>>Okay, then what about that three eyed navigator deal? You certainly can't
>>claim that navigators having three eyes to see obstacles in the ship's path
>>is a common idea! :P

>You got me here. I good test of whether an idea is an archetypal/stock idea
>is the amount of explanation required. I bet you knew what a lasgun was as
>soon as you heard the name. Now, obviously someone came up with the idea
>first, but to figure that out you need to do an extensive literature search
>to determine where it first appeared. Have fun. Herbert was obviuosly NOT
>the first one to think of using lasers as weapons.

Yes, but where else have you ever heard the word "lasgun" before? I was a
little confused the first time I played Epic and saw the word sitting there,
and the guy who was teaching me was correcting my pronunciation. Except for
Epic and Dune (which I read after I started playing Epic) I've never ever
seen that word before.


Michael who is of Liu ancestry
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