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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 12:24:49 +1000 (EST)

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>>Seth Ben-Ezra wrote:
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>>> > Actually, I think the Epic Tyranids remind me more of the Brood from
>>> > Marvel Comic's X-Men series. The figures even look like the comic
>>> > drawings. Of course, the writers of that magazine may have read
>>> > Heinlein...
>>> >
>>> > danlobb_at_...
>>> >
>>> Actually, IMHO, Tyranids come to us courtesy of the movies Alien and
>Aliens (I
>>> have surgically removed the part of my brain that has memories of that
>>> third film). Look at 40K scale Hormagaunts and tell me that GW didn't
>>> skirt the fringes of copyright law on that mini!
>>> Seth Ben-Ezra
>>> Great Wolf
>>Yes, but the Tyranids are even the same color as the Brood in X-Men
>>(which came out after the Alien movies) Their enemy travelled around in
>>Worldships and looked suspiciously like the Eldar.
>I thought the Brood travelled in bio-ships (which the Tyranids also
>travelled in), except that the Brood's bio-ships are shaped more like sharks.

I thought they were more like enormous space-whales. That was more the
impression that I got. Man... it's been hard enough admitting that I read
that stuff. Fortunately they were a lot better back then, then the dribble
they produce at the moment.
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