Re: [Epic] Advance & Charge

From: Spatula <shupes_at_...>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 09:29:30 -0500

> From: Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...>
> >> We're just breaking in a new player, and we told him about how when you
> >> advance it has to be toward your opponent, (as oposed to backwards) and when
> >> you charge it has to be at the nearest enemy (we make exception for skimmers
> >> and flyers, of course) but we have looked and looked and looked and we can't
> >> find it anywhere...
> >>
> >> Are we making this up?
> >
> > I think so. Otherwise, how would units voluntarily fallback?
> We don't think that they can...
> You can't voluntarily place a "fall back" counter

        I meant "fallback" as in "move away from the approaching
enemy that's about to kick our butts close up", not as in actually
using fallback orders. With your system, you could never abandon
a position that's about to be overrun, no matter how hopeless your
odds of survival.

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