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From: Miller, Chris <CMiller_at_...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 10:03:02 -0500

>I think the first couple of Space marine games have been forgotten here.
>So If Adeptus Mehcanicus was 1st ed and Codex Mech was 2nd that makes 1st
>Ed Space marine the 3rd and TL 4th Edition of the Adeptus type rules
>(someone correct me if I'm wrong) now I haven't played Adeptus Mech but
>although detailed the rules look hideously complex (again correct me) So
>Space marine took 3 or 4 editions to get right.
>Rob L.

-----> Adeptus Titanicus was first. Titans only, and fairly simple.
Marine 1st ed added Imperial tanks and infantry. Codex Titanicus
added more detail to titans, and added orky gargants, tanks, and
and Eldar titans, tanks and infantry, kinda like Renegades and Warlords
and AOI did later. Squats and Chaos showed up in WD.
        I'd still call all of that one game and one edition as no rules were
really changed, just added to, and your units weren't
ever made obsolete.

SM 2nd ed was a radical change - unit stats, organization, and some
miniatures were all different, so all of your old game/rules info was
useless, fluff and paint schemes excepted. However, bases were the
 same, and it was still "stand vs stand" - felt similar, just moved
Warlords, Renegades, and AOI just added info,and TL cleaned up
some things and added some titan detail, so again, all one edition.

E40K is a more radical change from 2nd than 2nd was from first IMO.
I think most of the 1st ed players made the switch to 2nd, but I don't
know that the same could be said this time. The mini's and bases are
changed, and the detachment vs detachment instead of stand vs stand
feel is rather different. Not neccessarily bad, just different.

Chris Miller
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