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From: Charlie Wells <jaw_at_...>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 20:26:10 -0500

EPIC Warhammer 40k

First of all, I want to make it clear that I like the work you guys did
on both Epic and Warhammer 40k. Having said this, I am also deeply
disappointed that you intend to phase EPIC into Warhammer 40k (I know
you want to make the link between the two games clearer). I dont
believe this is necessary. These 2 games are completely different in
type, one is very much individually oriented (like an RPG, or Hero's
Quest), only it IS the best in its genre of questing games. Yes, it is
a quest game, whether based on EPIC or not. This is Warhammer 40k.
Then there is strategy oriented, large scale based game, EPIC. EPIC is
THE LAST WORD in tabletop strategy games. Its unique combination of
risk type strategy and arcade action put it to the forefront of strategy
gaming. These games are aimed at 2 distinctly different players: Those
that prefer Quest-style games play Warhammer, those that enjoy the
thrill of commanding huge armies in cataclismic battles choose EPIC. I
really think that stressing individual units in the EPIC universe
detracts from what the game was designed to simulate and throws the
simple-yet-fun aspect of the game away, merely making it a second best
to Warhammer. EPIC could use a few changes (a facelift is encouraged)
but completly REDESIGNING the game will only make your loyal gamers
angry and frustrated. I hope i am not the only one protesting this, and
I my fellow gamers (about 7) should be writing their letters as I am
writing mine. I do not intend to sound enraged, but I feel you are
taking Warhammer just a bit too far and not giving enough credit to how
well EPIC was designed. I'm no business man, but I think the problem is
not the game, but the way you marketed the game. It has been out for at
least 4 years, and I heard nothing about it until a year ago. I
frequent many places that deal in games like these, and had I known
there was such an awesome game I would have spent my money years ago.
Don't sell EPIC short...

                        Sincerely, and with much thought,
                                        A very disturbed gamer
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