RE: [Epic] SM/TL Chaos units

From: Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 17:14:18 +0200 (MET DST)

>-----> This is probably the best way, and isn't too far from what we've
>doing (first one replaces original pink, 2nd one goes wherever it fits
>as long
>as it's base-to-base with the first horror).
>(and Agro, feel free to add your $.02 in here. OK, it's not a "conflict"
>with any other rule, but it's interactions with other rules are
>What do you do ?)
>Chris Miller

Well, since you ask...

You DO NOT wait for the end phase. You place "splits" IMMEDIATELY.

You shoot one, it splits in two. I would make the placement exactly where
the Pink Horror was.

You kill one in close assault, it splits in two. Since the pink horror was
in CC I would most certainly pin the two blues... And then whatever killed
the pink would fight a close assault against the two blue horrors...

If there is insufficient room to place the figures (unusual) I would suggest
that many weapons force a unit to move a little (Wave Serpents, Doom
Weavers) so moving the figures a little as a horror splits seems pretty

I would NOT permit horrors to pin another unit that happen to touch because
the rules clearly state that the only way for a unit to enter close combat
is by "charging" ("fissioning" is not mentioned...)

The Vortex missile template (and Doom Weaver wire) ARE an interesting
question. I would suggest that the rules state that you're fragged, BUT the
QA from the Primarchs state that regenerating troops under a DoomWeaver
template are moved to the edge if they regenerate and that medics can save
troops from a vortex template (somehow they enter the vortex and drag them
out...) so I would extend this to place the survivors at the edge of the

A deathroller could kill all three horrors, but would have to do so one
after the other.

Glad to be of service
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