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> Trolls and minotaurs are only 'cheap' compared to
>beastmen, which are overpriced IMHO. Tarantulas are worth
>exactly 100 pts as far as I'm concerned, they rarely do
>much of anything the times I've used them. The squats aren't
>bad but they're not exactly a steal, either. The Thawk is
>definitely underpriced, but marines get them as easily as
>chaos... and while chaos titans get a free +2 CAF and can
>use the energy whip, I haven't seen a single titan fielded
>since TL came out, so you're comparing a 900 point chaos
>warlord to a 500 point imperial one (or a 500 point chaos
>reaver to a 333 point imperial one).
> Chaos does not get any breaks when it comes to
>force selection. If you really believe that, go look at
>the Tyranids.

Personally the only thing that keeps Chaos slightly below the rest is the
fact that they can't get the BG's. I think that Chaos are actually one of
the poorer armies, if only slightly. I believe all of the armies are fairly
even, especially compared to 40K armies and WFB armies. The armies are all
different, but most armies get a good chance to beat the other armies. Some
are just little better or poorer, but not greatly so.

I think he mentioned earlier in the message that the guy using Chaos was a
pretty good player, and I think that makes far more difference overall then
pure army type selection.

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