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Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 16:23:59 +1000 (EST)

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> Yes, I would love to see your paint jobs. It's good to be proud, and
> remember, when you are holding the miniature up to the light, and you notice
> tiny mistakes, then your looking to hard. The mini's are designed to be used
> on the table tops, and lot great on the table tops, without any major paint
> job. As for your terrain, I like terrain that is easy to make, so be sure to
> include instructions. (Even if it's hard to make)
Yes! I wouldn't mind seeing other peoples work, even if its just so I can
see if my work is as bad as I think it is ;)
As for the tiny mistakes comment, since I am primarily a wargamer and not
an artist (ie I can't paint very well) I tend to go for the `It looks good
if you hold it at arms length ' kinda jobs.

That reminds me a white dwarf I was looking at years ago back in high school.
We were sitting around looking at the golden demon awards (back in the days
when conversions and home made models could win) and their was this close
up photo of this dwarven flame cannon, perfect in every detail right down
to the slight grease buildup around the joints in the pipes. A friend of mine
was so impressed by this that he decided to have a go at some high detail
work himself, starting with a drawven flame cannon.

The most commonly heard comment about his model was `Nice work... pity about the
mess you made of the joints in the pipes..' Well, I though it was funny...

> As for content, well, I can't say anything about never pissing people off, I
> suspect I'll be eating a lot of bootleather and crow. No one should take it
> upon themselves to decide if letters are boring, just that even re-reading
> interesting stuff can be boring, and as you said, people pick up the habit
> of skipping things that don't interest them. Form instance, on another
> mailing list I would only read the subjects that I though interesting, and
> thus missed many off-topic remarks. I don't want to do this again, and all
> it takes is a little patience on my part.
> Tyler
For my 2c worth (although since I'm primarily a lurker its probably worth less
than that) I sort of like the off topic posts.. they add a light hearted feel
to the list.

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