[Epic] A must for Imperial players

From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 10:36:35 +1000 (EST)

OK its been said before but having played a game last saturday I must say

In a 3000 point game Imperial v Eldar there was about 2000 pts of titans
each side and I used about 600 pts of marines and a small IG artillery
detachment of six (count em) heavy artillery pieces. These six pieces in
a four turn game (In which on turn one they entered the board, so no
overwatch) accounted for Five Engines of Vaul, Seven swooping hawk stands
and a Revenant Scout titan and lost none of their number, not bad for
about 250 pts, The only other unit I had that causes significant
casulties was my Imperator, which after being avoided for two turns
managed to turn its 30 firpower on a warlock titan (rolling that many dice
is sooooo wicked) Needless to say the warlock failed a few saves and went
by by.

From now on I will ALWAYS take some IG artillery

"Smile and the whole world thinks you're some sort of grinning loony"

Rob L.
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