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Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 15:25:36 +0200 (MET DST)

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>Sauron1 wrote:
>> Sauron1 writes.Do you actually make all the armour and weapons and re-enact
>> hand to hand combat?
>Yes, exactly. Their are basically 2 streams of Medieval Societies: the
>Metal Weapons groups, who use live steel and pull their blows, and the
>SCA who use Ratan 'safe' (HA!) weapons and full-force blows.

There's two tees in "rattan" and you need that armour - I can break all four
of your limbs in under a second with a rattan sword, and some guys I know
could throw in your ribs and jaw for good measure...

Which is to say that most people can strike 4 full strength blows a second
to widely spaced targets, and really skilled folks could do up to 7...

>The main problem for me when fighting (haven't done so for years) was
>overheating rather than getting tired. In order to take the impact of a
>sword, you need to be wearing a quilted gambeson, with Cuirboilli or
>similar inserts
>over vital areas like Kidneys, then preferrably some 6-ring mail (though
>4-ring is much more likely) then jezzeraint or plate or whatever, plus
>plate over all joints.

With all that armour, I'm not surprised...

I go for aluminium chainmail over a padded gambeson and trust in very tight
defense to keep me whole ;-)


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