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Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 15:26:20 +0200 (MET DST)

At 01:22 PM 17/8/97, you wrote:
>It seems to me that everybody who is complaining about unpainted minis has
>Marines as their army. I find this a little disturbing.
>As a devoted Waaargh! Leader, I chose da boyz in da box as my army, and I
>intend to paint them. The problem is, unlike marines, I can't just spray one
>color on all of my infantry and then detail with two or three more. Hell,
>of the colors I want to use are hard to find in spray. For Example, my Nobz:
>I've chosen to make my nobz Bad Moons. Yellow bodies, black guns, black power
>claws, and green faces. Yet, this takes me forever, because I want a nob
>gonna look ded 'ard.
>Now, you may say to me, "oh, so sit down and paint one detachment a night,
>you'll get it done in no time."

Actually what _I_ would say to you is "why don't you take it just one step
further than primer and paint your boyz with the appropriate colour (rather
than plain primer)?"

If you paint your Bad Moonz yellow and your Snakebites leather and your
Goffs black (with white faces, naturally) and so on it would take only a
little more time than simply priming them and produce a much more
aesthetically pleasing end result. I would even suggest painting the bases
green after you colour the boyz... You can probably do your whole army in
one night - even without a spray can. (Command stands would still be a
problem, but you've got that problem already...)

>Sure, and I'll not see my girlfrined who lives 70 miles away,

Get her involved in the hobby man - do I have to think of everything? :-)

>I'll not spend any time with my family, I'll not spend any time
>playing the multitude of other games out there, I'll not play any computer
>I happen to own, I'll not do anything around the house that needs to be done,
>and I'll not do anything else I might plan on doing because I work 5 days a
>and have many other obligations.
>Jeez, this turned into a rant real fast. Apologies to anybody whose been
>offended or pissed off by this tirade. I'm just tired of the painted-army
>out there who think that they have the right to judge *me* unfit to play
>my life doesn;t allow as much time as I pwould like to paint my army. And I
>know that there are marine players out there who take their time on the
>they play, and I applaud them.
>It's a *GAME*. That's all, nothing less.

I pressume you mean nothing MORE... (Although I could easily be convinced
that E40K is LESS than a game... :-)

>And to those who would never play me
>because I haven't painted my army, I say fine. I bet that there are more
>out there with unpainted armies that completely painted,

I'd be prepared to bet that there are very few "completely painted armies"
anywhere in the world. I've got more minis than I am likely to paint in
this lifetime so there is always something else "in progress"...

>and I'll be more than
>willing to watch as their unprimered hordes attack mine. Because while, yes,
>painting the miniatures adds volumes to the game, it is not required to have a
>good time while playing.

No, but if you're sensitive about it (as you seem to be) a little effort
(and I do mean "a little") could make a big difference.


>Rant mode off.
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