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From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 10:46:53 +1000 (EST)

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Rob L.

On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, John Richards wrote:

> I heard a complaint not too long ago that most people on the list seemed
> to be talking about their Space Marine armies. I think that may be due to
> the release of the SM figs first, and I hope that now that the Orks are
> out, there will be more Ork warlords appearing soon.
> I thought I'd prime a little Orky discussion by throwing out my ideas for
> a 2000 point Ork army. It's geared to fight SM armies (since that's what
> my primary opponent plays), and would probably need an overhaul if it was
> to face an Assault heavy force like Chaos or Tyranids.
> Warlord in Great Gargant 480 pts
> (Actually a plastic Mega-Gargant from Titan Legions, but I think 2000 pts
> is too small an army for a Mega)

No No No. Great gragants arn't worth the points, Mega's are the bargain
titan of the game, think about what you get
2 AT barrages (gets rid of LRs and EoV)
Psyker and CC (basically best titan killer barring a Phantom with CC)
Lots of other crunchy shooty stuff every ork should have one or TWO!!!!

> 3 Battle Fortresses 255 pts
> (Probably fielded as 3 detachments, as I expect to fight Land Raiders, and
> the only advantage to 1 detachment I could see is the distribution of hits
> from FP, which SHW don't care about. With 3 detachments, blast markers
> affect each Fortress individually, so slowing them down by making them
> fail leadership tests is harder).

I've found these get trashed very quickly and when they go BOOM your
opponent may get the morale bonus. I'd spend the saved points on stompas
or upgrading your gargant.

> Boys Bunch 206 pts
> 1 Warboss, 4 Shooty Boyz, 4 Big Gunz, 3 Pulsa Rokkits
> (To be carried around by the Battle Fortresses until within range,
> preferably behind cover but anywhere will do)

Ditch the fortresses and us a march/assualt move for one turn it should
be just as effective.

> 2 Kults of Speed - Waargh 267 pts x 2 534 pts
> Warboss as battlewagon, Weirdboy as battlewagon, 6 battlewagons, 8 Nobz
> (To run around the field carrying the nobz until they can assault
> something. The detachments can shoot, too, but not as well as they can
> assault)

These are tough dtchs and when your enemy sees how much damage they could
do he'll probably try to waste them.

> 1 Kult of Speed - Fasta 173 pts
> Warboss on Bike, 6 Bikeboyz, 5 Speed Freeks
> (To take out soft targets like Whirlwinds, artillery. At least that's the
> intent. Usually they die like dogs instead. Gotta work on that)
I don't think these guys will move fast enough to take on artillery. your
opponent will see what your up too and fry you if he hasn't got a more
pressing target.

> 2 Flyboyz Mobz 175 pts x 2 350 pts
> 5 Fighta-Bommerz in each
> (Split up, so if 1 detachment is ground attacking, the other can
> intercept. I haven't tried fliers yet, though)
> So what am I forgetting? What holes are in this army?
> I have more figs, but haven't found a use for all of them yet.

A big boyz mob with some stompas can occupy a large part of the table and
restrict your opponents movement, a good advantage to have seeing how slow
orks are. 8(

Good luck, its not easy being green.......8)
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