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>Funny that the other races haven't come up with lame
>ass solutions to void shields like, "let's roll a giant cannon ball at the
>void shields, and knock 'em all down!" That has got to be one of the
>stupidist ideas GW's come up with yet. It unbalances the game, and doesn't
>make sense either. Can I run Nightwings charging at 200 into Titans to take
>down all there shields? No!
>Sorry, just whining a little, I've always hated that weapon.

I tend to have horrendously good luck with mine, so they are pretty deadly
when I use them. But under the Adeptus Titanicus rules they were really
hard to use effectively. They were like a big cannonball filled with as
much explosive as they could fit. They'd roll for a while (not doing much
damage) after they landed, but when they stopped they let of a pretty deadly
explosion. The only way you could hurt a Titan was if it had no shields
left or if you got it to roll to a stop perfectly between its legs PAST the
shields. Then it went off and the shields held the blast in! The Titan was
basically dead, but it was really hard to do (saw this happen ONCE and never
again). But then in those days you could set Titans & Gargants for
self-destruct, you could play boarding actions on Gargants, you could buy
orbital barrages.........


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