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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 15:39:35 +1100 (EST)

> It says in the WB description they don't gather points until the end phase,
> and I belive there is a ruling to support that in Allen's Q&A.
Ummm actually i support the fire first turn on a reality (as opposed to balance)
argument. Like the weirdboys didnt just pop into existance - the time
lag between end phase and orders phase is like nil so basically at the start of
the game the WB's have been sitting there with all this power (kind of like
set up is a turn but no one gets to shoot or move properly.....) theyre there
the power's there so we let them use it (and hey if they blow up.... :) )
> Prism Cannons, Prism Cannons, Prism Cannons. Also a Warlock Titian with a
> Phycic lance. Against a Chaos Marine army I can't see Vibro Cannon or Warp
> Hunters being all that usefull. And in small 3k or less fights avoid
> Tempests, also maybe shy away from Exarchs and get more aspects. Get
> Harliquins in thier place.
        Unfortunately the Warlock Titan (even with the BG's not available )
still looks like poor value considering them - the psychic lance (on the rare
 occasions that Ive brought one along) scare the demons into hiding but they
always find ways to dodge behind cover to avoid it. 750pts in one place is
 leaving you weak in other areas - also asks for the odd potshot from
Magnus , the odd vortex, a thunderhawk of marines if you let the screening units
 get too far away - but hey no solution is perfect. Yes there will usually be
a few prism cannons - the vibro cannons are there mainly to drop buildings
effectively - its usually safer than trying to clear out occupied ones in CC...
> > Maybe not concentrating
> >on the really good stuff is my problem.....Suggestions appreciated but I like
> >some variety (although there are a few AMEX (dont leave home without..) units).
> If you know your opponents force you should alter yours a little. The
> Eldar army list is fairly short anyway and some units perform much better
> against some armies than others. i.e. vibro cannon vs squats or vs bugs.
> Prism Cannon vs. Chaos or vs IG.
        The wind host and wave serpents are probably the only fixed feature - it is nice to keep em guessing, but then again a surprise like an army consisting
only of guardians and war walkers is only going to have the effect of making
the opponent laugh (maybe die laughing so there may be a point.... :) )

> that WS are not skimmers and can be killed or neutrilized pretty easily. I

        Yeah funny that - Ive never had all that many problems with WSs when
playing against eldar - only bad usually of a: Ive stuffed up or b: a few
too many dice rolls go the wrong way. They can be devastating but its usually
avoidable with a few precautions.

                                                thanks for the suggestions
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