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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 11:42:06 -0500

>> So just what is in this Chaos army? Also, what house rules do you use? I
>> guess the next question would be "what is in the army you normally
>> field?".
> Ok house rules that are important -
>We also play with weirdboys firing first turn
>(but not when on charge orders, they also make rolls to blow up at the
>start of the game - if necessary, and psychic power is split between multiple
>WB's (ie no multiplying the power by multiplying the WB's).

It says in the WB description they don't gather points until the end phase,
and I belive there is a ruling to support that in Allen's Q&A.

> Chaos army typically consists of Magnus (always) Mortarion (usually)
>often a bloodthirster(sometimes angron against orcs) and rarely a Lord of
>or Fulgrim. As to minions - always the 1000 Suns, usually the Death Guard
> and sometimes a third legion. Hey its not all of them but most games tend
>to be between 2500 - 4000 points (3k would be the most common)

> As an eldar player I'll usually take 1 wind host, often a battle
>group when a:accepted b:playing a game over 3000pts,1-2 wave serpents,1-3
>fire storms often a doomweaver,sometimes falcon or guardian hosts (rarely
>as a war host so as to get more special cards......).

Prism Cannons, Prism Cannons, Prism Cannons. Also a Warlock Titian with a
Phycic lance. Against a Chaos Marine army I can't see Vibro Cannon or Warp
Hunters being all that usefull. And in small 3k or less fights avoid
Tempests, also maybe shy away from Exarchs and get more aspects. Get
Harliquins in thier place.

> Maybe not concentrating
>on the really good stuff is my problem.....Suggestions appreciated but I like
>some variety (although there are a few AMEX (dont leave home without..) units).

If you know your opponents force you should alter yours a little. The
Eldar army list is fairly short anyway and some units perform much better
against some armies than others. i.e. vibro cannon vs squats or vs bugs.
Prism Cannon vs. Chaos or vs IG.

> I have a feeling that the house rules help a lot (the chaos player
>yells loudly :) ) and I think they dont have many glaring weaknesses.As we
>typically play no allies any army which is missing some class of unit is
>typically vulnerable somewhere.......

The house rules definately arn't helping you. The way they fear your WS
and make rulings against it make it a much less valuble unit than it could
be. They should not be able to target it through the Wave period, and it
says in the unit description that the wave can go through and knock down
buildings, I can't see a couple of trees stoping it. They need to realize
that WS are not skimmers and can be killed or neutrilized pretty easily. I
had one screening some Banshees spend most of the game staring at a dragsta
field and Squiggoths. Niether one of us could manuver to get away from the
other so all they did was sit there for a couple of turns.

>> Chad Taylor
> thanks
> J Chapman

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