Re: [Epic] In defence of GW. Sort Of.

From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 10:34:35 +1000 (EST)

>> There is a pile of ruined buildings (don't know whether they're
>> plastic or card)
>> And the usual sets of dice, counter etc.
>Sounds like a minor improvement on the old set. UNLESS the buildings are
>the same crappy all-cardboard that's in TL. SM(1) had excellent
>buildings, SM(2) almost as good, TL had cardboard cutouts rather than
>models of buildings. Epic 40K will have ??

I'd heard that the ruined buildings were plastic, but going by the trend I
could be wrong.

>> Bikes, cavalry etc is on approx 2cm by 3/4cm wide for **3 figures**.
>Now that's a pain. OTOH will look OK, and 3 cav to a base is pretty
>standard amongst a whole host of wragames rules, Napoleonic, Ancient
>etc. Can you say "Epic Fantasy Battle"? Knew you could.

The thing that really bugs me is that if this true it will be the third
DIFFERENT way to set up a figure. If anyone thinks this isn't a nasty way to
make old figures redundant, and make you buy new ones, well...

>> 3. I think he might be mistaken. They took all of the flavor out of Epic.
>> Tyranids have for vehicles: "artillery", biovores, carnifexes, harridans and
>> "assault spawns" and so to re-introduce it and special rules, they will be
>> offering codexes/boxed sets/magic rules for another $30.00 each. They do
>> every time a new boxed set comes out. (40K black codex, WHFB Beasty book)
>Now HERE's the crux. Look at the current edition of SM. It has Space
>Marines, Eldar and Orks in. So of course you don't need AoI, Warlords,
>Renegades, right? No, I'm sure that it will be the same situation again.
>As per TL - a book with most all the vehicles, but not in and of itself
>enough, more books required.

GW seem to do this forever and ever amen. It is one of the reasons that I
and most of my friends are playing less and less GW. We don't like having to
constantly update the rules they want us to play.
>> 5. Expensive. I smell a price hike.
>Surely Not! Have GW ever put up prices for no apparent reason? My guess
>is current SM2 price +30%.

I wouldn't see it going for anything less then $140 Aus, maybe more as " the
figures are so good we had to ask more for them" logic seems to be
entrenched in their minds. "We are so good you have to give us more money"
mentality is one that really bugs me.

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