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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 13:16:34 +1100 (EST)

> Then you're not taking enough. A falcon host is worth more
> than its points in tarantulas, 2 hosts on pop-up against his 3-4 units
> of tarantulas means lots of dead tarantulas and only a few dead falcons.
> Sit back and shoot armies should have enough concentrated firepower
> to take out just about anything.
        Should have thought about popping up. Hmmm in that case we have
5 tarantulas firing at about 2 falcons.... still seems a little dodgy maybe
by moving the falcons in a bunch to get some local numerical superiority.
> Were the bikes touching the Tempests so that he couldn't
> get to the tanks the turn he charged?
        Unfortunately -= no. It takes pretty much a whole squad of bikes
to surround 1 tempest didnt have anywhere near enoug to do the job properly...
Should have seen in coming before I paid for the tempests......

> Try taking as many Firestorms as he has Thunderhawks.
> That way you can shoot at every one... it would be a miracle if
> any survived that.
        Unfortunately if it gets to a war of who has the most, thawks cost
50 compared to 150 for a FS... :(
> If he's firing in the psychic phase, how is he hitting them
> at all? They don't pop-up until they fire in the FF phase. Maybe
> you're not using enough cover?
        Aha this is where the ambiguities set in - we've always played that
pop ups happen at the start of combat (well before the psychic phase existed
that basically meant at the start of the combat phase) phase (is that the name
I know the order but i seem to have forgotten the name). The way the pop up
stuff is worded leaves it unclear as to when the actual pop up happens. After a
few games where (as an eldar player) I had more units that were on 1st fire
therefore left the pop-ups until after the opposition had run out of units
on 1st fire and thus prevented them from being shot at there were a lot of
screams...thus the current rule. When I posted a pop up timing question to the
 NG it was apparent that a lot of players played it both ways....but this
basically means that psykers on FF get to nail pop ups - hey I dont like it
but as the only person with a lot of skimmers my views dont always get a
lot of support.
> Oh? You mean like this guy's doing with the thunderhawks?
        Just because one persons going for the cheddar doesnt mean I have to
stoop so low - though it would make life easier.
> Warlock titans aren't overpriced unless you're going to be
> facing decent artillery.
        Maybe its just my experience with them but they rarely seem to cause
750 pts worth of chaos and mayhem....
> Being hit by a WS doesn't count as being immobilised for
> the Doomweaver, according to Jervis & ANdy.
        So the cant move or shoot description in the WS's effects means nothing
. Heck I never really liked that (heck cant do ANYTHING in the turn
should mean cant do anything - if they wanted them to be an exception
they should have written it as such. Makes you wonder what does qualify for
immibilised - not much i guess....). But thats the way we have played it. Youre
looking at thigs the wrong way though. Dump that wire on the titan, watch it
 step away - then push it right back in with a WS......
> Sounds like me & most of the Daemon Engines... =)
        Ive always though doom wings were ok.. the others leave something to be desired............
> Scott
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