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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 14:26:15 -0500

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> > It's in WD 173 Q&A, there's a short list of weapons that
> >kill GDs good in either the Chaos or Eldar section, and the Prism
> >Cannon is in that list (since it actually derives power from the
> >warp).
> It's not 173. However, in 173 is the Q&A that states that chaos cards may
> be played on a greater demon as long as the "when played" section does not
> specify a unit. So, no invisibility, +1 caf, etc.

        Actually, it is in WD 173, you just have to look for it.
Luckily, I typed in the Chaos section of the Q&A last night and
it's now on my webpage. But to save you the trouble of looking
it up, here is the relevant question:

Q: If a Greater Daemon or Primarch is hit by an attack made from an
Eldar Warphunter is it allowed to be saved with a Chaos card?

A: No. Because both Greater Daemons and Primarchs are creatures of
the Chaos dimension - the source of all psychic energy - they are
particularly vulnerable to attacks that harness the same power. This
rule also applies to attacks made by Ork Weirdboy psychic bolts,
Space Marine Librarians' Destroy Daemon power, Warlock Mind Blasts,
Eldar Prism Cannon and the Eldar Warlock Titan's psychic lance.

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