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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 18:29:27 +0200 (MET DST)

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Andrea Langhi wrote:

> > IIRC at the time of the horus herasy th Armour of the dark angels was
> > jet black (see Ravenwing).
> >
> The Dark Angels First Company armor was jet black ,and then cjanged
> to white as a tribute to a planet where the First Comapny went near
> to be destroyed. This planet was populated by a peolple like the
> Native Americans, and this explains the plumes.
> Hope to help

IIRC all companies were jet black not just the first.
this is how i belive it to be (i do not think i have read this somewhere)
After the heresy of Luther the entire chapter changed color from black to
dark green, all execept the first and second company since none of them
were followers of Luther. Hence they are the only one that Knows anything
about the fallen ones (note: that i dont remember anything mentioned in
the codex about ravenwing knowing about the fallen ones but in codex
chaos in the fluff about the Chyper that he is hunted by both deathwing
and ravenwing).
Later on (pretty recent i belive) the planet that the dark
angels were presently recruiting from was taken over by a Genestealer
cult. On the planet was a single squad of deathwing terminators and when
they found out what had happened they painted theire armour white (the
traditional thing to do on this planet when you went to battle not
excpecting to come back). they killed ewery single genestealer, and saved
the planet, after that the entiore chapter decided to paint thier armour

or something like that.

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