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Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 23:55:22 +0200 (MET DST)

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>Saurion1 writes; Brett; Replicating metal pieces into resin cast sounds
>interesting. But I am allergic to the hardener they use. I have to have a
>friend even sand the bases smooth and prime for me any terrain pieces or
>buildings I buy cast in resin. I have heard that you can create one sided
>molds by gluing the object down to a hard surface and then building a
>double wall around it with Lego bricks, and forcing silicone sealer into
>the cavity to create a mold. Friends have created copies of their own
>original fortifications for 15mm ACW this way.
> If you have a method for resin casting different from this you can E-mail
>me privately at the following to cut down off topic traffic.
> sauron1_at_...

It seems like most folks consider this to be "on topic" posting, so I will
relate a story about casting plastic into air drying latex molds...

The latex is available from hobby shops. I don't know what it is called,
("liquid latex"?) but you paint it on with an old brush and wait for it to
dry (6-12 hours). You paint on a few more layers - as few as five or as
many as a dozen and leave it for 24 hours. You peel it off the master in
one piece (or make a small incision somewhere and then peel it off and
repaint that section to form a seal) and then you pour the plastic (actually
resin) in.

The resin I have seen used is a slow drying (about 12 hours) type and air
bubbles seem to be little problem.

Quality is excellant, with something as small as an Epic Terminator being
successfully molded with a single air bubble where one barrel of the storm
blaster should be...

(Not that I actually saw an Epic terminator - just something the same size...)

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