Re: [Epic] Net Epic

From: Simon Dodds <c9415355_at_...>
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 09:05:25 +1100 (EST)

>> If skimmers are finally allowed into woods, I also second the
>> suggestion that they can't popup when in the woods. Of course, Jetbikes
>> and Land Speeders are the only units this really applies to, as most of
>> the other skimmers are infantry or vehicle sized, IIRC.
> Land speeders are vehicle-sized. Although allowing skimmers
>to land in difficult terrain will open rubble up to vypers and land

But remember that they don't actually *land*, but hover, so rubble should be
no problem to skimmers of any kind IMHO.

Skimmers in woods sounds good, but make it skimmer cavalry only (with the
possible inclusion of Land Speeders). Any other cavalry I feel should be
able to enter woods.


Simon Dodds

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