[Epic] alternate psyker rules.

From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 12:02:58 +1000 (EST)

Ever since I converted from SM/TL to E40k I've always thought the role of
psykers has been a bit restricted. SO I've thought up some new concepts
to (hopefully) make them a bit more usefull.
Please note I have not play tested these at all.
All comments are welcome.

The psychic abibility of a detchment has a classification either
Level 1, 2 or 3.
This class is determined by the number of (alive) psykers in the
eg 2 psykers = level 2
any with 3 or above is level 3 (this can easily be expanded to included
further powers)
A psyker is any unit with the psyker abiblity (obviously but I'm trying to
make everything crystal)

I recommend that you draw only one card per detchment that includes any
psykers. Also the player with the smallest point army draws an extra
card. Restrictions on types of cards able to be used are detailed below.

A level one detachment may only use basic psychic blast/counter attack
type cards, all psychic blasts count as level 1 (ie nullified by 2 or
greater) even if the card has a 2 or 3 on it.

A level two detachment may use any psychic blast/CA card + any special
FATE card (ie forced march etc, note this does not include the cards
published in WD see below) pschic blasts used by a lv 2 detach count as
power 2 unless the card is specifically a power 3 (ie a 3 on it)
so cards power 1 and 2 both count as power 2.

A level three detachment may use any card (all FATE cards + the race
specific WD cards) all psychic blasts used by a lv 3 detachment count as
power 3 (ie even cards with a 1 or 2 on them)

A certain level of psychic power imbues a fixed psychic save, this save
only works against agressive type powers (v sorry about the vague wording,
what I mean is I don't want stuff like counter attack being saved against
using this rule, I count argressive powers as psiblasts, and stuff that
affects the leadership of an opponent)
Saves are
Level 1 6+
level 2 5+
level 3 4+

eg a psychic blast is used against a unit in a detachment that has 2
pskers (distance of no consequence) this unit would get a 5+ save against
the hit. (this should work for transports carrying pskers too, even

Some powers (like forced march) have no range value or targeted effect, A
power like this is used in the following way. The player using the power
(P1) nominates a detachment using a particular power (take note of level
restrictions as detailed above) ONE enemy detachment within 30cm (if any!)
may attempt to nullify this card, using the same dice roll as their pschic
save (ie lv 2 = 5+)

If a detchment is on overwatch, the psykers may concentrate their power
into an extra attack (this does not affect anything else moving/firing)
this counts as 2FP per psyker in the detchment an the following range.
lv 1 30cm
lv 2 45cm
lv 3 60cm

all attack dice from this attack can be saved against using a pschic save

I think it is reasonable that these attacks can be used against flyers
using the Flak special rules (maybe at half range and FP)

What do you all think ?

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Rob L.
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