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Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 10:18:26 +1000 (EST)

>Some notes from the 40K mailing list, from an Outrider:
>>>I'm very interested. I've always liked the Epic-scale models, but I
>>>wasn't interested in the rules system. If Epic 40K is much closer to
>>>40K rules, as GW has stated, I'll play.
>The words of some random 40k player (doesn't like Epic rules but likes 40k
>rules?!?). It is people like this that I bet GW is hoping to cash in on,
>with the (relatively) small Epic crowd being tossed aside to make room for
>40k converts.

I'm always amazed at the number of people that love the 40K rules. I mean
they suck, they really suck. Making epic into minnie 40K seems to be their
goal at the moment.

>>The new game is Epic 40,000. It truly is what the original Epic was
>>intended - a way to fight huge 40k battles with going thru all the expense
>>& fiddly-bits of a real huge 40k game.
>Vrrrrrmmmmmmm. Screeeee. Slam. Crash. What are you doing in here?!
>THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMPthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump. Screeeeeee.
>(sounds of an exteremly annoyed Epic player bursting into GW offices and
>butchering the whole lot of them before fleeing via automobile)

Ah, the sweet sounds of reason.

>>The models are gonna be all new, except that even though they've added some
>>new types & re-arranged the sprues a hit, the infantry figures themselves
>>wont change much - if at all. Although each sprue NOW contains one
>>terminator squad rather then 2 per (or whatever ridiculousness we had before).
>I think we'll see most of the changes in the price.
>Not that I'm bitter.

Not when the minatures are SO much better we'll be thanking them for taking
that bit extra out of our pocket. Have I mentioned that I really hated that

>>In some ways is got more abstract - Eldar aspects are just aspects. You
>>can make stands of close-assault aspects & combine banshees, scorpions etc
>>or support aspects with reapers & dragons.

OK, so what does this mean? Scorpions and Banshees are the same? 40K people
aren't going to like that.

>>He told me that I could now talk intelligently about what's coming, so I'll
>>assume it's OK for me to publish what I have so far. If there's no
>>instructions to the contrary, I'll post the boxed-set composition when I
>>receive my set - assuming some hobby store in the Chicago area wants an
>>Epic 40,000 demo day...
>>I may have answers to specific questions that weren't covered here so if
>>anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I'll answer if I'm able...
>For anyone who cares, his address is <kls80_at_...>.

Might have to innocently ask what he knows. As much as I hate a guy that
thinks the epic rules are pathetic and the 40K are great, maybe we can glean
info from him. 40K = Great & epic = crap? What planet did this guy come from?

>BTW, has everyone seen the one page blurb on Epic 40k from I think its the
>latest White Dwarf? I saw it posted on the wall at a gaming store, so I'm
>not quite sure where its from but it was torn out of something, so I'd
>assume its the Dwarf. How many of us were surprised by the price increases?
>Yeap, we saw those coming from a long way off all right. I love that bit
>about how while the old minis _will_ be compatabile, anyone who takes one
>look at the new ones will be so enraptured by them that they'll just _need_
>to have them, and wouldn't _want_ to use their old ones.

But the price increase is due to the higher quality of the minatures. Surely
the far better quality will make it OK to pay more? Just because the prices
are already inflated dosen't mean they can't get blood from a stone.
Squeeze, squeeze.

>They'll probably coat the new minis in crack or something. Whatever it
>takes to sell them. I, for one, aren't a rich man yet, so I somewhat doubt
>that I'll be wanting too many of those new ones.

I'm not rich, but I'm not poor. DINWK means reasonable spending power, even
with the bills and mortagage. Where GW is losing out is that there are now
so many other avenues where I feel I do get utiles of satisfaction for my
money, With GW more often then not I get something of their's, open it up
and the first thing I think of is "I paid that much for this little thing?"
I mean I've now seen $20 being asked for a single 40K figure. And they
weren't even termies. Who are they kidding? I can take my fiance out to a
movie and a coffee for that much. I know what I'd prefer to do.

>I also love that bit how they're absolutely sure that anyone who liked the
>old system will love the new one. Is that why they're catering to the 40k

But the new minnies are going to look so much better.

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>>...and all-around OK guy.

Hey, this is Kevin Stringer all time loser who was on the list a while ago
that people fought with over some of his comments defending GW. Well that
explains a lot about what he thought about the epic system. I think he was
still here the last I heard.

>Michael, the very annoyed Liu

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