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Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 10:23:10 +1000 (EST)

>Okay, I sent a post that I was going to give this up, but I'm the "other
>guy" and I'm feeling defensive. First, how is giving it command unit move
>and advance fire orders significantly different in power than giving it
>command unit firing and regular (actually _more_ restrictive) movement?

OK, I apologize for speaking a bit out of hand. It's just that I have seen
LOB doing very well in our games. When they get the added bonuses from
winning the VP's the FF + duo-doomthingies is really nasty. And being able
to use CC to stop damage is really good for a titan based model. To give
them FF as well just seems to be overpowering to me. They could wreck a lot
of havok and effectively take away their disadvantage without disrupting
their advantages.

>Secondly, we play wysiwyg, so basically everyone has at least one hth weapon
>on their LoB, which cuts about 1/3 or more of its firepower from what is
>apparently common to players on this list. This makes the first fire that
>much less effective. Lastly, and most importantly by far, I've played with
>it and against it in several battels, and it is generally agreed that it
>_has_ been balanced when played like I stated.

As long as the people who plauy with it say it's OK then that's fine as they
are the most important people to have agree to it.

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