Re: [Epic] Plays, Sprays and Complaints

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 10:29:48 +1000 (EST)

> * Goblin Green Spray *
> I'd rather buy green emulsion from a DIY store for doing terrain
> boards. One thought for very fast Epic painting was to spray the
> bases green, spray the blokes <insert favourite colour here> and then
> glue it all together.
        After looking at the results of undercoating my WHFB minis I tried
a little experiment with so epic stands. It basically requires 2 spray cans
of paint - one for your basic colour and one for the highlight . I dont know
about all colour combinations but light grey/white worked fairly well. First
I sprayed a fairly solid coat of the light grey on some of the 6mm minis
(was doing the tests on some excess eldar - I think this method would work
better for marines though......). After that had dried a very light coat of
white (from a little further away than normal) was added and the result of
shaded white guys wasnt too bad. A little bit of detailing work on guns etc
and they would have looked fairly decent (and at a tiny percentage of the time
it has taken me to do my eldar troops - its look better too (heck I tried
but theyre sooooo tiny - also sticking them to the old bases before they
were all painted (so I could play but not lose the freaks) was probably
a bad plan)).
As to spraying the bases - I always found the models to be a tight fit in
their little slots - be careful you dont apply too much paint........
                                                just an idea
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