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From: A J Gallie <gallie_at_...>
Date: Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970

I got lost in this discussion somewhere between a Coke and a Big Mac so while I finished eating my 'currency' I went back to some math's.
 A box of Infantry costs
 UK L 4.99
USA US$ 9.99
Australia Aus$ 17.95
NZ NZ$ 19.95
If you use the Australian dollar as a benchmark and convert using today's exchange rates a box of infantry costs

UK Aus$ 11.00
USA Aus$ 13.65
Aus Aus$ 17.95 (surprise, surprise)
NZ Aus$ 17.35

Now I really am depressed, we are the most expensive.
Using the UK as the base percentage rate this means GW products in
USA cost 124% of UK prices
Australia cost 163% of UK prices
NZ cost 158% of UK prices
All these figure have been rounded to nearest 5c or so and even percentages.
Hmmmm....Who wants to swap an epic army for 5 Big Macs and 3 cokes :)
Who excels at depressing himself in one easy math's lesson.
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