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Part 2.
We deployed by using a map deployment to mark detachments starting positions within the deployment zone, we then swapped maps and deployed each others command elements as near as possible to where we interpreted they appeared on the map. We then deployed the remainder of our own detachments around our command elements.
My bikes found themselves faced off against JJ's Harlequins on the right flank, whilst my B/W Kult faced off against the NightSpinners. In the middle my Mob deployed to capture a hill, which would give strategic control of the centre and my B/Fs prepared to roll up the guts. These where matched by JJ's Falcon and Dreadnaught detachments.
First Turn. I declared my F/Bs on intercept whilst JJ declared a Ground Attack and JJ after winning the initiative played a forced march card to get his troops rolling. As the waves of Elder flyers came streaming in at my B/W Kult my gallant ork pilots rose to meet them. Two of my F/B where driven off by the superior Nightwings, but the third pressed home his attack against a Phoenix, alas a miss, further soured as the Phoenix drove him off in response. Still the boyz had razzled the Elder and this resulted in the Nightwings dropping their loads out of range. The Phoenix's accounted for three B/W's and a Blastmarker. The Orks responded by going on the offensive and all units went onto assault orders.
Shooting was fairly ineffective on both sides with only a couple of minor casualties, 2 blast markers added to B/Ws thanks to the NightSpinners. However during the assault phase the bikes roared forward and engulfed the jet bikes, annihilating them convincingly.( Although they did take out a mbs and 2 bikes by throwing 3 of the required 6's with 5 dice in assault casualty stage. Elder - 8 morale for blast markers on unit when destroyed. However on the other flank the B/Ws found themselves out of range to enter cc but in range for a fire fight. +1 adapter to the Elder and BAD rolls saw the Orks beaten back and broken. They conducted a tactical withdraw and moved into the rally phase, where a 1 to remove blast markers, together with a 1 to rally predicted their non involvement in turn two. - 4 Ork morale - remaining B/Ms.
Turn Two
Luckily the Nightwing detachment lacked the ability to run down my fleeing wagons and instead chose to hold a wooded hill. The Elder dreadnoughts and Ork fortresses trudged onwards whilst the Bike Kult spun around a hill and headed for the Falcons. The ork mob on the hill went onto overwatch. In response the Falcons declared an assault and wheeled to meet the bikes. Unfortunately this left their flank exposed to the boyz mob and with overwatch bonus rerolls accounted for four falcons, the mbs in the bike mob accounted for 2 more, at the loss of 2 bikes( Orks - 7 morale - under half strength). So by the time the Falcons moved into assault phase they where not a pretty sight
As a result the broke and ran, with the bike in heavy pursuit.
My B/W Kult finally rallied although with 4 blast markers where still unlikely to do much. Both sides lost more morale for unremoved BMs and turn three commenced. An airstrike on my Battle Wagons ensured they weren't going anywhere. My Fortresses moved within range of the support platforms and lost three damage in return for 1 platform. And the bikes kept chasing the falcons, slowly closing. The next turn saw the bikes finally catch the fleeing falcons effectively ending the game as they had 7 BM's which reduced the Elders morale to 0. Orks 19
An enjoyable game that taught us both a few things and at this stage we are trying to do as much rule familiarisation as we can so when our campaign starts there are no hiccups. I think I might finally be getting these green guys sorted but time will tell. Tonight I am playing Chris Pinsons Dark Angels, but that is a story for another day.
Cheers all,

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