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Date: Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970

Eric wrote..
>Congrats and thanks for the battle report!

>A few comments:

>Including Swooping Hawks/Warp Spiders with Dark >Reapers doesn't make
>much sense to me as the latter should be on overwatch and >the former on
>assault. How did this work for the Eldar player?
Not well, but then they never really got a chance to go on either assault or overwatch as they where pretty much toasted as they got out of the Falcons. JJ is still getting to grips with his Elder ( he's a Bug lover at heart ) I'll pass these comments on to him

>You appeared to be using the fliers every turn. Do you not >use the
>rules for rearming/refuelling or was this a brain fart?
We used the rules, I just stuffed up the battle report. All flyers where involved in turn one, the Fighta Bombas where damaged and took no further effective part in game, whilst the Eldar fighters rearmed/refueled and attacked again in turn THREE not Two as I had in report.

>The Eldar player needs to spend fewer points buying >farseers and more on
Will pass this on too.
>What models do you use for the vanilla Mekboy Speedstas?
The old metal plain mekboy speesta. The one with the exposed pipes through bonnet ( possibly Dragstas ? )

>- Erik
Thanks for your comments Eric
Beware the Silent Dog ......
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