Re: [Epic] Support Weapons (was: Points for Scouts is wrong)

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 13:47:57 +1100 (EST)

> Too true. They did seem to go overboard with the simplicity of Marine
> units. Speaking of non-Stubborn troops, did you ever notice that Marine
> support weapons are the only Marine unit which isn't Stubborn? Would
> anyone take them at the expense of detachment morale fortitude.
        Ill have to have a look at that too. Its strange if that is the case.
if it is its a sure bet that a 'fix' will turn up in some errata sometime.
It just wouldnt be right for the marines to have such an obvious flaw in their
armies.*evil cackle*

> Of course, they are 2 points cheaper than the Eldar ones which have
> identical stats. Particularly weak, since anything Eldar is weaker than
> the exact equivalent (the Eldar special rules on morale).
        Ive always thought that that special rule for Eldar was to make up
for the 5 Strategy Rating. It does sometimes seem that GW have thought that
that wasnt enough to balance it. It may be more to make up for the wide selection of units available to eldar (hey you can take anything but its either worse/
more expensive than for an army that cant take certain troop types).Im not
sure I really agree with that reasoning but I can understand it.
        The losing d3 morale isnt that big of a difference though. Most times
when Ive wiped out an enemy det theyve had 5+ blast markers on them anyway.
d3 extra isnt THAT much more (still annoying that eldar seem to have the only
negative special abilities in the game though.......).
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