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From: A J Gallie <gallie_at_...>
Date: Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970

Ok, so what do us humble orks do against marines ?
I have tried everything. I do not consider myself a bad player, and have about 15 yrs experience with tabletopping in all forms but no matter what I try I get creamed by AT. I hate LandRaiders, I mean get real 2 AT shots that ignore armour and cover, match anything in my armie for range, pick off targets of choice, and reroll misses on overwatch coupled with 6 armour, resonable speed and transport capabilitie for 35 pts !! And to match it I get a Death Ray Speedsta with same speed, no transport, 1 shot that ignores armour and cover, shorter range and a big bullseye painted on it saying please toast me !! all for 38pts. Or if you prefer it could be toasted by a 14pt AT support platform. The AT part I can live with what makes it an abomination to me is the 'pick out target of choice SHW rule ' which makes my vanilla speedstas (16pt ones without SHW) , which where brought specifically to soak up 6's without losing my LiftaDroppas or DeathRays about as effective as a grot on a pus!
Chris simply picks off my Speedsta's, Stompas, or Psykers and sits back in relative comfort (not getting at Chris, I'd do the same if rolls where reversed).
This might sound like a moan session but it is not, I'm just really frustrated with my greenskins ( eagerly awaiting my Squats, just for a change of pace ) , and would really appreciate any comments or suggestions.
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