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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 10:11:24 +1100 (EST)

> > So I think the "final" formula is
> > PV = ( (M/10) + ( FP * (R/15) ) + ( AF * 2 ) ) * ( AV/ 3 )
> This gives Land Raiders a value of 36. close enough. But:
> Falcons: 18,33 points. not quite correct......
        I dont know - 2AT , 6 Armours and carrying capacity 2 vs 2FP 5 Armour
and capacity 1 - 36 points to 18 is probably a better (ok this way weighted in
favour of the falcon rather than the other way is it curently is)
indication if the 2 unit's abilities compared to the current 35-28.........
        Somewhere someone suggested that 1xAT = 2FP. Isnt this a little low?
Ok vs 3 armour 2 FP is better - BUT a: how much actually HAS 3 armour (and
of what does how much do people regularly take ? b: how much still has 3 armour
by the time you get to shoot at it (3 usually = infantry so cover comes into
it) c: how much of the stuff with lower armour is either vehicle or infantry
(thus usually getting 1 dice per 2 FP)?
        Ok where is 3 Fire Power better than 1AT. Probably against flyers
(but with flyers you bypass the firepower table , leading to an instant increase
 in power) and maybe against war machines with 5 armour. Against anything with
5 armour there is a slight advantage to 3FP and a fair advantage to the 3FP
over the 1 AT agaisnt 4 armour....
        Basically the whole point of that little rant is that I believe 1AT
is worth probably closer to 2.5FP than 2 (ok that formula was meant to be the
one that GW USED as opposed to one thats balanced - right?). Anyway a stringently applied formula to all units sooner or later is going to stuff up in terms
of game balance........
        On a totally different topic - anyone notice in WD215 the implication
 that some people in GW evidently think that maybe the thunderhawk is due for
 an upgrade in the near future.....Thats frightening. Equally frightening is
the concept (with unit experience) of a thunderhawk with 7 armour..... Anyone
like to guess how that should be handled ? (same as a 6 , need a 6 and then a
4+ on a second dice , cant hit it (actaully thats not THAT much worse than the
current situation))?).
                                                        rant rant
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